Native Block Island Angler Shares Fishing Wisdom

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Photo by Tracy Finn

If you’re headed to Block Island and plan to do some fishing, stop by Twin Maples and meet John Swienton. The Twin Maples apartment have been in his family since the 50s and he’s continued to manage returning vacationers, along with the bait and tackle shop, boats, and docks.

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John keeps the business simple and friendly. He always has time to chat with a customer about where the fish are that day, who caught what where or what bait has been seen in the harbor. Through the summer he’s busy checking his minnow traps daily, changing over cabins for the next guests, retying boats in an afternoon blow, and waiting on customers. John even keeps Twin Maples open through late October to accommodate returning striper fishermen.

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With a tackle shop out front, a dock out back and John’s constant attentiveness, he works very hard to satisfy customers and keep things simple.

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