Camco Portable Heater Perfect for Cold Camping Nights

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Photo from Amazon

These new portable heaters from Camco, the Olympian Waves, are silent and efficient. They are gas catalytic heaters, and like wood burning stoves, they do not need an electrical connection and won’t drain your battery. The heaters operate on low pressure HD-5 propane, and have a safety shut-off valve to prevent accidental fuel discharge.

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Three versions available:

  • Wave-8: heats up to 290 square feet, 4200-8000 BTU an hour
  • Wave-6: heats up to 230 square feet, 3200-6000 BTU an hour
  • Wave-3: heats up to 130 square feet, 1600-3000


These portable heaters are sure to keep you warm on those cooler camping nights!

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You can purchase the Olympian Wave on