Big Catch: 9 Year Old Reels In the Catch of His Life

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Ryan Hayden’s first catch of his life may be tough to beat: a 28 inch, 9 pound walleye. After months of traveling around Monroe County, MI fishing every location and trying different rigs to no avail, his luck turned around one Friday night with a very big catch.

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He and his mother, MaryBeth, had been out for two hours fishing off the seawall near their home in Stony Point, when they decided to break for dinner. Somewhat reluctantly, they decided to go back out. They came across their neighbors who had had some luck earlier in the evening, and who offered up a lure of their own for him to try.

Within 10 minutes, he felt the pull of a grown walleye on the end of his 8 pound line. It took him almost two minutes to reel it in, but once he did, he paraded around the neighborhood to show off his big catch.

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Hayden’s walleye will be turned into a trophy for his wall. It may have taken months of cold nights with no luck, but in the end, Hayden walked away with an impressive catch and his first fisherman’s tale.

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