Best Tips to Catch Catfish

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Looking for tips to help catch yourself some catfish? Catfish are BIG because they are constantly seeking and consuming prey, and thus, tough to catch. The three common types of catfish are: channel,  blue, and  flathead.

The blue catfish run the largest, often exceeding 100lbs and an obvious thrill to catch. The flatheads, on the other hand, are the top river predator and one of the most territorial fish in the water. However, the most popular of the three is the channel catfish.  They put up a hard fight and make an awesome fish fry. While they aren’t generally as big as the blue or flathead types, many would say they are pound-for-pound the hardest fighting catfish of the three.

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Best places to find them:

  • Lake or river
  • Gravitate towards cover, near structures like a bridge, dock, downed tree, rocky bottom, etc.
  • Also linger near dams, channel ledges, flats, holes, riprap, tributary/creek mouths, and outside river bends
  • After rain or flood, with more food sources available, they can be found in a good current

Best bait:

  • Prefer bait that is natural to that lake/river
  • Channel catfish prefer stink baits
  • Blues tend to like cut bait
  • Flatheads are drawn to live bait

Best rigs:

  • Carolina rig, when fishing from boat or bank
  • Santee rig, where a peg float is attached to the line keeping the bait right off the bottom, is also good from a boat or bank

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Best tackle:

  • Medium action rod/reel combo spooled with 15-20 lb line is a good starting place
  • Heavier rods are advised for the more advanced catfish angler targeting the bigger fish

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